UCF Black and Gold Grant for 2023 [How to Apply]

The UCF Black and Gold Grant is a financial aid initiative provided by the University of Central Florida. It caters to undergraduate students who fulfill specific criteria, exhibit financial need, and submit their applications by the UCF priority application deadline of December 1st.

This grant from UCF exclusively supports students engaged in full-time academic pursuits. It was established back in 1963 with the aim of enhancing the region’s pool of creative minds and contributing to the United States’ space exploration efforts. The primary goal of the UCF Grant is to create enhanced opportunities for students. The university’s official stance is that progress can be achieved through expanding opportunities and striving for excellence.

UCF boasts an impressive array of more than 220 degree programs spanning across 13 colleges. This equips students with valuable insights into their future endeavors. The UCF Black and Gold Grants are a type of voluntary assistance extended to students who demonstrate financial need, without the requirement of repayment.

The UCF Office of Student Financial Assistance manages and awards various grant programs. Annually, the university receives over $200 million in grants and awards, propelling it towards becoming a prominent institution for patent creation and a significant force in the realm of science.

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Eligibility Requirements for UCF Black and Gold Grant for 2023

  • A completed FAFSA should be on file by December 1st
  • Should be eligible for federal financial assistance
  • Ensure you enroll full-time every semester
  • Participate in the first undergraduate degree program
  • Satisfy the academic progress standard
  • Show considerable financial need and satisfy other entry requirements set by the university.

How to Apply for UCF Black and Gold Grant for 2023

Students must ensure that their FAFSA results are error-free and submitted to UCF by December 1st. Only those who meet the qualifying criteria are eligible for the awards. The availability of funds and the entry requirements, including time limits, are subject to rapid changes.

The instructions are outlined on the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) page. It’s important to note that this award is not renewable; however, students may undergo annual evaluations if they meet the eligibility criteria and funding is available.

Additionally, please be aware that a separate application for this award is not required. UCF’s award decisions may be adjusted if any corrections or modifications are made to a student’s financial records, including the receipt of other financial aid that could impact eligibility for the Grant.

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