Tyler Perry Foundation Grant | 2023 Application Guide

Championing Long-Term Viability: The Purpose of Tyler Perry’s Foundation

In the landscape of philanthropy, the Tyler Perry’s Foundation emerges as a luminous beacon of hope. Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt entity, this private family foundation holds a paramount commitment to the residents of Olney and Young County. With unwavering dedication, its founding members ardently champion the dissemination of resources and prosperity, thereby safeguarding the enduring prosperity of the community.

A Transformational Mission: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

At the heart of the Perry Foundation lies a mission that transcends the ordinary. Dedicated to metamorphosing adversity into triumph, this institution possesses an innate ability to transform heartrending incidents into glorious victories. Through the cultivation of personal potential and the fortification of community resilience, the foundation has consistently sown the seeds of long-term change since its inception in 2006.

The Guiding Hand: Tyler Perry’s Lifelong Devotion

Tyler Perry, a visionary philanthropist and a household name, has channeled a substantial portion of his life’s journey into aiding those in need. With an unswerving commitment, he has extended a helping hand to individuals facing hardships, embodying the true essence of humanitarianism. From his emergence onto the public stage, Perry has exhibited an unparalleled resolve, using his influential voice to kindle awareness and empathy for those who require assistance.

A Dynamic Voice for Change: Advocacy Amplified

Tyler Perry’s voice reverberates far beyond the confines of the stage and screen. Respectful yet resolute, he refrains from silence and restraint when it comes to advocating for the less fortunate. The utilization of his resonant voice becomes a clarion call, drawing attention to the plight of those in need. Perry’s advocacy serves as an instrument that dismantles barriers and galvanizes compassionate action within the broader community.

The Perry Foundation’s indelible mark on society rests not only upon its tangible contributions but also on its intangible legacy. By fostering an environment where hope flourishes and where the indomitable human spirit is celebrated, the foundation echoes its commitment to igniting positive transformation on both individual and communal levels.

He has generously donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations through his own charitable foundation, the Perry Foundation. These donations are aimed at tackling poverty, supporting civil rights initiatives, aiding those affected by major natural disasters, and providing access to clean water for those in need.

Moreover, the Perry Foundation also covers tuition fees for students. To maintain their eligibility, students are required to confirm their participation and maintain a certain GPA. Subsequently, the scholarship requests are reviewed by the Perry Foundation’s Board of Directors, who then make a collective decision on the recipients of the scholarships.

After the application process concludes, the office administrator will meet with the board president to verify if the candidates meet the basic eligibility criteria. Candidates who don’t meet these criteria will be notified via email. On the other hand, candidates who meet the prerequisites will be referred to an evaluation panel. This panel comprises individuals with an educational background who collaborate with the management board to assess essays and other supporting documents in order to determine the deserving scholarship recipients.

Eligibility Requirements for Tyler Perry Foundation Grant

  • Target Demographic: Students
  • Eligibility Age: 17-19 (Classified as a Graduating Senior)
  • Target Geographic Region: Olney, TX, and nearby regions within 50 miles
  • Income Requirements: The panel will review all requests, giving specific targeting to candidates who demonstrate the biggest economic need.
  • GPA Requirement: 2.5 on a 4.0 educational scale
  • Qualified Schools: All Approved Four-Year Colleges/Universities
  • Major
    • 1st Preference: Journalism/Mass Communication
    • 2nd Preference: Other majors will be considered

How to Apply for Tyler Perry Foundation Grant

Applicants are required to send their supporting documents to The Perry Foundation at 213 E. Main Street, Olney, TX 76374. Following this, the foundation will handle the processing of the application forms. Priority is typically given to students who demonstrate significant financial need. If a student decides to transfer, the scholarships can potentially be transferred to other eligible educational institutions. It’s important to note that funds are never directly sent to students.

All grant applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on or before the specified closing date. In cases where the closing date coincides with a long weekend or holiday, inquiries should be submitted on the weekday preceding the weekend or holiday.