5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Love On Facebook Explained

In September 2020, I published a blog post here about the top six online dating sites where single people can seek and find love. In the blog post, I metioned some popular sites such as Badoo, Tinder and so on. One of the most underrated sites when it comes to online dating is Facebook. When people talk about finding love on the internet, we usually leave Facebook out of the conversations.

As much as online dating is concerned, Facebook carries more prospects for love seekers than any other dating site you will ever come across. Why? Facebook boasts of billion users all over the globe. The huge volume of users makes it more possible for single people to find love. All thanks to Mr Mark Zuckerberg for the innovation of the Blue App!

However, despite the fact that most of us have active Facebook accounts, a good proportion of people seeking for dating partners from social networking sites are still single. The number ranges from the tens of thousands to millions all over the planet.

Are you still single? Are you still searching effortlessly to get a date from the biggest social network? If your answer is “YES,” you’re probably doing these five mistakes. In this blog post, I discussed five things why you are yet to meet your love on Facebook. This post will guide you on how to meet and find real love on Facebook.

So, what are you doing wrong that’s killing your chances of getting a real relationship from the Blue App?

1. Having An Unreal Facebook Profile

First impression matters a lot in building interpersonal relationships with people. Their first impression about you goes a long way in deciding whether they stick with you, or not. When it comes to the Facebook community, the first thing a prospective date will do is to check out your profile page and description.

It’s a total turnoff for the average Facebook user when they scan through your page and your profile appears so unreal. Like how do you expect me to take you serious when you don’t have a real picture of you on your cover? I’m pretty sure no will take you serious.

Uploading cute pictures of you; updating your bio with some few info about yourself; will go a long way in making you look real to new connects.

2. Poor Contacting

One reason why some singles can’t find love on Facebook is that they are not accepting new friend requests. Some of us often decline requests from people we don’t know. That’s wrong! Facebook is meant for networking and meeting new people. How can you make new connects when you’re not open to requests?

If you’re really serious about getting a date from Facebook, it’s high time you start to accept friend requests from strangers. Although, you should exercise caution when connecting with new profiles.

3. Snubbing & Zero Communication

This act is peculiar to the female folks. Some ladies are fond of snubbing DMs from guys. Aunty, you can only find love when you talk to other people in your network circle. I understand that some do snub when they don’t find a profile attractive. Fine! But, at least you should hear them out first.

It’s not everyone that comes into your DM that wants to propose love to you. I’m talking to both genders now. Snubbing won’t do you any good.

4. Not Joining The Right Groups And Conversations

Quite often, it’s easier to meet someone that will like you on Facebook, when you belong to the right groups and conversation threads. Search for groups about Dating & Relationships, join them, participate actively in the group discussions. Before you know, love is already knocking at you door.

But, if you refuse to join active groups and participate in thread discussions, it’s probably the reason why you’re yet to meet love on Facebook.

5. Zero Connection With Mutual Friends

Every one you have on your friend list have their own friends too. I hope you know this? Those friends of theirs are possible mutual friends you can connect with. Facebook is a large network. For every profile you come across, he/she usually has a common friend with you.

The reason why you’re still single is because you aren’t probably connecting with the friends of your friends. Maybe you don’t know, it’s even easier if you guys have a mutual friend. Your mutual friend can help talk to the person if you end up crushing on them.

From my own perspective, Facebook is the most ideal social network to meet and find love when it comes to online dating. Lest I forget, Facebook recently launched a program named Facebook Dating. The dating service was birthed in 2019.

At the moment, the program is still on testing, although it has been launched in some countries already. You can click here to check if the service is available in your country. If it is, it’s a dating fishing ground for you to get plenty of fishes. Lol!

Thanks for reading through. If you got any questions for me, drop them in the comments section. All questions will be answered with immediate effect.